Sunday, July 6, 2008

Population Explosion!

In the course of two days, the population of our little farm has gone from 21 to 32!! Lily had her litter some time between 6 and 9pm last night - six baby bunnies!

So...for all of you who are wondering what makes up that number....
Mike & Jen
Willow & Idgy(the indoor cats)
Pollux and DJ(Our lab mix and tabby outdoor cat)
DJ's litter of 5 kittens-shortterm residents, there ;)
Seven laying hens(one of whom is sitting on a nest of 11 eggs...more residents are imminent!)
Cocoa, Lily, and Buck(our rabbit breeding trio)
Cocoa's litter of 5(one of whom will be staying on a permanent basis)
Lily's litter of 6

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