Saturday, July 5, 2008

Enjoying the long weekend....

Mother Nature has decided to grace us with some sun, finally, and everything on the property is enjoying it! The garden has started a burst of growth, and all of our berries and trees are thriving.

We checked the bees today, and they're doing really well. I managed to get the first bar up enough to see that it's full and capped, and they've just started building comb on the 5th bar from the back(there's a total of 17 bars in the hive). So, in about two weeks we'll check and see what kind of progress they've made on that bar, and depending on that, we may harvest in about a month. We'll store the honey back on the off chance it's needed to help them through the winter, but hopefully we'll find come spring that we're free to enjoy!!

Lily's due to kindle this weekend, and just looks very put upon by her pregnancy. She's due today or tomorrow, and Mike and I are checking regularly. She has a decent little nest built, but hasn't started pulling fur yet. I'll post pics of the babies when they arrive!

Cocoa's litter is growing amazingly well, and they're a trip! They'll be five weeks old tomorrow. The first is of the chocolate otter...all of the bunnies used to love to sleep under their feeder, but they've grown to the point that they don't fit Otter's shoved her head underneath - she's camera shy!!

And it was bath time when we visited this afternoon...

And, last, but not least, here's the latest additions to our farm. DJ managed to sneak a heat past us and a tomcat found her...sooo, yesterday five little kittens arrived to take up residence in a box in our garage. There are three white ones, a black one, and a grey tabby. I took these pictures today. We won't be keeping any of them, but I'm going to make certain I tame them so we can find all five good homes :)

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