Saturday, July 12, 2008

Barely handfuls and more than...

Well, Lily's litter is a week old today, and I can't help but find myself amazed once more at how quickly the kits are growing. Their fur is in now, and the final tally is four solid black kits, and two castors(I think...we won't know exactly what shade - castor/lynx - until their fur is in more). Lily's proving to be a very attentive and protective mom, though she's still showing quite the attitude, though more with me, than with Mike. I meant to weigh the litter today and forgot, so I'll try to do that tomorrow, and add it to our records. I would weigh them individually, but unfortunately there's really no way to tell them apart, aside from separating the black from the castors, and no way to mark them, (the way most meat breeders mark is to dab a color on the back of the head - but those rabbits are white) since food coloring or something like that wouldn't show up on those colors.

As for Cocoa's litter, we'll be weighing them tomorrow as well, to get their six week weights recorded. They seem to be growing quite well, and three of the five(Fricasse, Hassenpfeffer, and Hershey) will move out of Cocoa's cage and into a grow-out cage tomorrow, all things going the way we have them planned. Amber and Otter will stay with Cocoa until she's closer to kindling, then will move into another doe cage(Otter's fate being up in the air at the time being).

We bred Cocoa to Buck Wednesday evening, so we should see another litter from her around August 10th. We're hoping for a better litter size from her this time, though still hoping to see the nice range of colors that she gave us the first time around. Definitely looking forward to the outcome there!

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