Sunday, July 27, 2008

Meet the Chiclets...

Our Mama hen finally brought the wee ones outside today, and Mike was able to get some pictures of them. They're quite energetic, and follow their mom diligently as she scratches up goodies for them.
The black one is a Dominique chick, and the other two are from what our friend calls her "mystery red hen" with a Dominique rooster. So, we'll have to see what they grow up to look like!

The rest of the critters are doing well, Lily's litter is growing and has taken over her age, and Cocoa's litter is putting on weight quite nicely. Next weekend we'll weigh the three that we aren't keeping for breeding stock, and see how they look.

We got to harvest some turnips from the garden today, as well as peas, and a cucumber. We've radishes and lettuce ready as well, and will go pick some of those when we get a little closer to dinner time.

Other than that, our week has been occupied with worrying about my grandmother, who passed peacefully last night. She will be greatly missed.

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