Sunday, May 11, 2008

Spring is sprung....

And then some.

Yes, I know, I've been lax in my updates. I'm going to make a concerted effort to post more often, especially since things are really starting to ramp up into high gear here. So, here's a general overview of what's been going on, and then I'll try to get some detailed posts on each of the main aspects.

We're working on the garden - hoping to get seeds planted by next weekend, and we've tons of seeds that we started upstairs in the windows that'll be going in the ground in a couple of weeks.
Over the last month we put in a TON of trees on our three acres, both for lumber and for food. I need to get some photos taken as things come into leaf so I can post those.
We're going to be hatching our own chicks from eggs from our flock this year, and Mike's working on making an incubator to do that. We've added another aspect to our place to replace having to raise broiler chickens once a year - rabbits. We've a pair of does and a buck for breeding stock, and are expecting our first litter of babies the weekend of May 24th.

And, last but not least, we're entering the world of beekeeping. We got our bees last weekend, installed them in the hive that Mike built for them, and they're doing great!

So...there's a brief overview - as I said, I'll get some in depth posts going on each of those, and detail what we've done, are doing, and what we plan for the future.

Hope all's going well for everyone, and I'll post more soon!

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