Wednesday, May 21, 2008

An Intro to the Rabbits

As I said previously, we've added rabbits to our farm to add the ability to keep ourselves in meat without outside input. We've started out with two does and a buck, and will see how we do with these and whether we need to add to our herd or not.

So, we have Buck - his color is called Castor, and he is just gorgeous. He's also an absolute sweetheart, and you can count on him coming to the door to say hi and loves being pet.

Our youngest doe is Lily, and she's a lilac color. She's become a grump, and likes to growl and grunt at you if you try to pet her. Don't worry, I pet her anyways - she doesn't need to think she can get away with that!

And, last, but certainly not least, is Lady Godiva, aka Cocoa. She's Lily's mom, and we got her bred already. She is due to have babies this weekend, so she got her nesting box today!

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