Thursday, March 13, 2008

A Week from Spring

Ahh...the calendar says Spring's a mere week away, but I have the feeling it'll be a bit more than that before we truly break free from winter here! This past weekend saw a major storm stomp its way half way across the country, dumping around 18" here between Friday morning and Sunday morning. The picture at the right was taken after it had finished, leaving us planted in a picture perfect winter playground. Shame its March and not Christmas morning though! It would fit much better :)

DJ is definitely not too keen on the snow, especially since it's taller than she is! Pollux is in heaven - boy is he ever a snow dog! He bounces around like a puppy in the fluffy white stuff, instead of a nearly ten year old dog.

But, all in all, we made it through the storm well. The drive home Friday was icky, but not dicey, and we had done all of our running around the weekend and week prior, so had no need to go any farther than the chicken coop - and yes, shoveling that path was tiring! Mike had it worse though, as he insisted on taking responsibility for the driveway!

Oh, and just to show you what happens when chickens encounter this much snow... the only thing keeping them from venturing further is Pollux, sitting in the middle of the shoveled path- he's the big black blob there :D By that afternoon, they had followed the path all the way up to the porch!

All in all we've made it through the winter so far fairly well. We definitely plan to stockpile firewood for next winter(didn't have the time to do so this past fall, really), which will make it quite a bit more comfortable! I've definitely learned the truth of Mike's insistence that I really didn't know how to drive in snow - they do take much better care of the roads up here, compared to Ohio. I've shrugged and headed off to work with hardly a worry in weather that would certainly have had me working from home in previous years!

I think this is all for this post...the next one will be an update on what we're getting into this spring...boy are we going to be busy!!

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