Friday, September 5, 2008

Late update...again...

Well, so much for keeping on top of my updates. I'll try to do better, I promise. But, as a card carrying member of Procrastinators Anonymous(okay...I'm not...but I would be one, if I stopped putting off filling out the membership form), well, I'm just really good at thinking I'm going to work on something later.

But! I do have good news! Over the labor day weekend...or, maybe what should be called the Labor Weekend, Mike and I finished the barn roof, and sealed the driveway. Two huge tasks crossed off our list of to-dos. pictures yet, for a good reason. We have to scrape and paint the barn yet, so, I'll post before and after shots once that's done. The barn's seen quite the makeover, and I plan to devote a blog entry to it when we get through with all the projects.

This weekend...well, we've a number of things planned, not the least of which is tackling the upstairs bathroom and making more rabbit cages. We still haven't gotten the additional cages done, and we're getting to the point where our rabbits are forcing the issue. There really is a reason they say "breed like rabbits", honest!

As for the bathroom, we picked up all the supplies to work on it earlier this summer; new flooring, primer, paint, etc, and it's time to tackle that room. We'll be popping off trim this weekend and pulling up the floor - how much more than that we manage, I'm not sure.

Today, though, has been dedicated to dentists. Well...our dentist, at any rate. I took the day off(why go to work for four hours just to drive around the corner from the house for your appointment, right?), and went in to get my teeth cleaned, and Mike to get his crown done and his cleaned as well. there's a reason I hate going to the dentist - they always seem to deliver bad news! I've been scolded by the hygentist for not flossing enough, and may have to undergo scaling come January if I don't manage to get some icky stuff in my gums under control. .

Some good news, though - we're going to be welcoming into the world another nephew or niece come spring! My little sister is about three months pregnant, and is doing a much better job of giving my Mom grandbabies than me so far(don't worry Mom - we're working on it!).

Oh, and we finally got to pick some tomatoes out of the garden! Only took until Labor Day weekend . Just was not a good year for gardens here in Western NY - hope they're better next year!

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