Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A full week ahead...

Or rather, a full week in process.

We started remodeling the upstairs bathroom over the weekend, spending a good chunk of Sunday pulling up the peel and stick tiles that were put down by the previous owner. A piece of advice - peel and stick tiles are nice, easy to use, no mastick to worry about and so on - but not at all the appropriate choice for a bathroom. So, Mike and I took turns wielding the heat gun and prying up the tiles, one by one.
By the time we were done, we found the original green mosaic sheet linoleum beneath - and, actually, if it weren't for the tears and such in front of the tub, it wouldn't be all that bad. So, Mike spent the greater portion of yesterday struggling to get the adhesive left behind by the tiles up off the floor - inch, by torturous inch. He's about halfway through the bathroom, and we're hoping that we can work on laying the new flooring down tonight. If not, we'll be making the trip downstairs to use the bathroom until probably this weekend.
So...we have that going on, we're expecting chicks tomorrow - after hemming and hawing most the summer away, we finally decided that we really need to increase our flock. So, we've got 11 golden buffs(one of the most common brown eggs layers - the hatchery was sold out of Buckeyes), and 14 meat birds coming out way. We'll have to get them settled, then we'll be off to the first of two days of hunter education class.
We also need to butcher rabbits this week, Saturday is going to be spent finishing the hunter ed class, and we're expecting a visit from the breeder we got our rabbits from. She's interested in Otter - we'll probably trade for one of her rabbits, which'll help us keep some diversity in our gene pool.
And, at some point, we really have to start working on roofing the garage, and doing some changes in the barn that will allow the new chicks to move out there in a couple of weeks, and let us increase our growout cage space for the rabbits. Oh...and firewood...and tear down the pool...and start prep work for next Spring's garden...and...boy...I'm tired already!

So...any family wanna come join us for a working vacation? We have plenty to do!!

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