Monday, June 16, 2008

Time flies when you're...

...on vacation...or so it seems! I took last week off for Mike's birthday and our 2nd anniversary, and can't believe how fast the time went! But, we did manage to get a ton of stuff done :) The weekend before last we picked up a free load of firewood, as well as a free load of compost, got the compost spread in the garden and the tomatoes and peppers planted. We made a five gallon automatic waterer for the rabbits which turned out awesome, though I keep forgetting to take a picture of it!
We made a trip back down to Ohio Tuesday, so Mike could spend his birthday with his family, and we loaded the truck up with more stuff from the house, including the soapstone countertops from our old kitchen. The visit went well, and we had a great time playing with our niece. It was definitely a warm visit though, and we both managed to get quite the sunburns on the drive back up!

So, on to this weekend's projects! Courtesy of gift certificates to our favorite catalog, Lee Valley, from my mom and Mike's dad, we invested in a pump to clean out our pool and get it opened up, and in a scythe to allow us to hay our pasture area and put up some of our own for the winter.

So, after draining the pool(wish I had a picture of how bad it looked before the water was drained!!) You can see on the right of the ladder where I started scrubbing the liner(wow was it nasty!!).

And here's the pool after - still quite a bit to go as far as getting it cleaned, but at least I was able to make some sort of progress!!

Our "Back 40" was our other major project - it's too wet to run the lawn mower through, so we decided to invest in the scythe. As you can tell by the picture, the grass is taller than Pollux!!

It's going to take a while to get it done, but this was our progress from yesterday. It actually didn't take us too long to get this far, but scything is definitely hard work, and we have some muscles and calluses to build up. Pollux was more than happy to check out our work, and glad the grass wasn't taller than him anymore.

On to the Bunnies....
The baby rabbits are growing like the grass in the Back 40!! We're fairly certain that the fawn colored on is a girl, and we'll be adding her to our herd to keep the color going. We pulled the nesting box out when we returned from Ohio, having found that they'd abandoned it. They LOVE to bound and hop around the cage, and are speedy little things!!

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