Thursday, February 7, 2008

Winter's still here...

Despite the thaw and the rain, winter is still settled in up here, which means that cabin fever looms on the horizon. So, being proactive, I decided to dig one of my many abandoned projects out of the boxes in my craftroom! It'll be months before the applique-work is complete on this quilt top, but I'm hoping to have it complete for next winter!
The knot will be completely lined with gold threadwork to make it far I think it's looking great!
I have triangular triskele knots that will go in the gold corners, and a chain knot will border the areas inbetween. Once all of the embroidery stitching is done we'll tied the quilt together, then on to the fun part! We're going to do some extensive quilting in the areas surrounding the knotwork(yup, Mike's going to help me with that part), using various celtic designs, including our initials and some animorphic designs.
It's going to be alot of work, but I can't wait to see it done!

On other fronts, we've been trying new recipes, the cats have been bouncing of the walls, and Pollux has become even more of a perpetual shadow as the rains and nasty weather keeps us all housebound!

The tail is escaping!!!

Mike's pineapple upside down cake....yum!!

DJ enjoys a brief interlude of sun...what a belly!

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