Friday, October 17, 2008

Assessing new furniture

Willow has a a set way of examining new arrivals to her domain. First, are pieces that allow her to be as close as felinely possible to her chosen human, Mike. Well, that would be the new recliner, so she tried out both arms, the back, and the footrest within moments of the new chair's arrival in the spot previously occupied by the old one.

Arms are wider - point in its favor, as this allows her to lay next to Mike more easily, as well as providing a nice platform to land on. When vacant, it's more than adequate for full body lounging. The recliner was quickly given Willow's stamp of approval.

Now...on to the second piece of new furniture. Mind you, both chairs were brought home Monday - but, as the other chair took up a previously unused spot roughly ten feet from where Mike usually sits, it took a bit for her to get around to her examination, though we did sniff it occasionally while walking through the living room.

But, last night, she finally did her evaluation. So, please, allow me to present, Willow's assessment, in four movements.

I believe the final decision is that, while it's satisfactory for waiting for her favorite seat to become available, it's far from her choice. The arms are too narrow for anything, and the back, while delightfully tall, offering a wonderful panoramic view of her domain, is impossible to lay comfortably upon.

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