Monday, November 12, 2007

It's all white inside....

Yeah, inside. We are working hard towards getting the dining room done, and there's drywall dust EVERYWHERE. In the living room, bathroom, kitchen, upstairs...that stuff is just downright pervasive. I think Mike's planning on getting the last of the sanding on the ceiling down today and priming it, as well as priming what remains to be done in the office. Tonight, hopefully, I will finish the walls that I've been working on. I know that there's a possibility I may have to do a smidge more mudding on the bay window wall, but the two other walls will be ready to be sanding smooth, so that's on my list.

We had hoped to get at least as far as getting the dining room primed by Sunday night, but that just didn't happen. We ended up having to make a trip to Lowes both Saturday and Sunday, which just ate up a HUGE amount of time. We're borrowing a ladder from work so we can get some of the stuff that needs done on the roof taken care of(it's 28' long - a full 7 feet longer than ours) and we got that picked up Saturday. Saturday afternoon I went up and got the flashing around the chimney sealed up(brrrrrrr), wasn't too windy on the ground, but 25 feet up, wow!
But, I did manage to remember more batteries for my I'll be able to post some pics here soon! We got some awesome shots of Pollux playing frisbee, using Mike's camera, and I need to upload those from my laptop. So, this is going to be a short post, and I'll get some pictures up later this week!

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Anonymous said...

So when do you two start the construction business on the side????? :)
LYL, dafield