Monday, October 29, 2007

I love three day weekends...


I had Friday off again(gotta love a company that gives you a day off for your birthday, in addition to your normal vacations days!), though thankfully, this time butchering wasn't on the todo list. We spent a good portion of Friday running errands, making a trip to Target, Home Depot, Sears, and Premier Wines ;). We made the trip to target to get laundry supplies - Mike's been struggling with what we thought was psoriasis for the last three years, but Friday morning we discovered similar spots on my stomach. Well, as psoriasis is far from a contagious thing, we're thinking that it's contact dermatitis, and more than likely related to either our detergent or liquid fabric softener(Mike's voting for the later). So, we picked up our old brands of both, and hopefully we will see a reduction in the rashes soon. While we were there, we tried to pick up a new pair of jeans for me. Well, apparently, Target isn't taking the growing waistlines of Americans seriously, as there were only two styles of jeans available, both ugly, for plus size women. I was rather disappointed by that. So, we went to Sears, and I managed to find a decent looking pair of Levis. At one point I had found a website selling American made jeans - I need to try to track them down again. Though, hopefully come next summer, we'll know the area well enough to get back to yardsaling.
We picked up a hot water heater blanket at Home Depot, as well as drywall mud and screws, and a few other odds and ends. We had planned to pick up our paint for the dining room, but while there we rethought our plans for that room, and are currently working on texturing the walls and such, and will probably end up getting the paint either this weekend or next. I picked up a box of wine(yeah, you read that right...a box) at Premier - I had gone in intending to get a bottle for the weekend, and while wondering past the cooler, decided to give Premier's brand of wine a try. I figure, at least I won't have to deal with oxidation issues with the box, and it'll last a while! Mike's taking to calling be "Bubba J", after Jeff Dunham's hilly billy character(search for Bubba J on YouTube - there's a few clips...if I get a chance to go through them at home I'll find one with the "box wine" reference ;)).

It rained pretty much all day though, so we took it pretty easy. We did a test run on the wall texture Friday afternoon(that worked well, so we did a good chunk of the front wall Saturday), and tried to watch The Prairie Home Companion Friday evening. Ack. What a disappointment. We bailed about 35 minutes in after being prostitized to the entire time.

Saturday was nice, though. I managed to sleep in until almost 9, and Mike got up and took care of all the animals for me. For my birthday, Mike set up the worksurfaces in my craft room for me, and it looks awesome!!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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The right side and middle of the U are made up of the closet doors that we pulled out of the office - their 32 inches deep and 72 inches long, and on the left side is my rolling table that Mike made me a few years ago. All in all, I now have a ton of room to work, and all of the stuff that's currently being stored in there can slide underneath and out of the way until we figure out where it's going to go longterm.
What's going to be really nice is that the chicken's yard is right out the window in front of my sewing machine, so while I'm working in there I can watch them, too. Bonus!

For dinner Mike made me Chicken Parmesan :) Yummmmmmmmmmmy! It was awesome...I think it might be the best batch he's made. We have leftovers for tonight too!
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Yesterday was a beautiful, though somewhat blustery day though. I think the winds were somewhere between 10-15 mph steady, with gusts up to 25, and it was chilly enough that we had cold ears! We expanded the chickens yard for them, pushing back into the woods and extending it out further from the chicken house. They love it! We used a deer fence from Lee Valley - what awesome stuff! fairly strong, and nearly invisible at a distance. We took them from a 100 foot perimeter enclosure to a 230ish perimeter, with nearly all of the new stuff under the trees to protect them from hawks and such.

We had our first frost last night - a fairly heavy one that had me out scraping my windows this morning. At 7:30 is was 29 out, and 56 in the house. We're trying to hold off on kicking the furnace on - thankfully, last night was the coldest night in the forecast, so if the sun comes out the house should warm up nicely.

Fall is definitely here though!

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