Friday, October 19, 2007

And so it's done...

Well, the deed has been done. Turk was butchered this morning, and, thankfully, it wasn't as bad as I had expected. We dropped her off around 8:15, and went off to have a cup of coffee courtesy of the gentleman doing the deed. Apparently he has a deal with a restaurant owner in town for when people like us come in from out of town to have him process poultry. So, we passed an hour and a half, and when we returned, our turkey was ready to go. She dressed out at 24 pounds!! Mike was thinking she'd finish out at somewhere around 16, and I was expecting 20ish.

So, we have a HUGE turkey for Thanksgiving....I think I need more company ;) But, it's definitely doubtful that we'd raise our own turkey again. However, the area that we went to was absolutely breathtaking. Who knew that the Attica prison would be in such a picturesque setting. We both were wishing we had brought a camera, as the leaves were showing the most phenomal colors, and I wish we'd gotten a picture of the prison, with its casilated turrets and copper peaks and weathervanes.

Tomorrow we're off to my mom's to cut firewood and attend the haunted hayride that my aunt does every year. We'll take our dog with us(he loves going to Gramma's) and we'll let the chickens out before we leave.

Oh! The chickens...I almost forgot. We are getting an amazing number of eggs from them. We have six Buckeyes and nine Easter Eggers, and have been getting at least ten eggs a day from the group, with the last few days seeing daily totals of 13 and 14. We are definitely getting buried in eggs! We're taking a dozen to my aunt, and two dozen to my grandmother, hopefully that will have us at a little more manageable level. We met our local mechanic, and he helped Mike get the exhaust pipe tweaked to where it needed to be for free, so I took a dozen down to him yesterday. He seemed to appreciate the return of generosity and is definitely a character.

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