Saturday, April 10, 2010

Good People

The nice thing about friends who are farmers is they know just what you need when a hen goes broody. A rooster! And if you don't have a rooster? Then you get lucky to have a friend who does and will send you fertile eggs for that blasted hen to sit on!

My friend, Vanessa, was kind enough to mail us a dozen eggs for our broody hen to sit on. They arrived thoroughly protected and wrapped! What a gal! Our hen managed to hatch out 2 of the dozen...we think we didn't get more because she was chased off the nest a couple of days in. Stay tuned for pics of the adorable little buggers!

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Joanne said...

My cousins Judy and Tom were just here and I noticed they left some of their eggs in the fridge. Amazing that the eggs arrived unbroken!