Friday, September 25, 2009

On Vacation...

Well, we've an update, but it isn't from the farm! We're on a much needed vacation and enjoying ourselves immensely! We arrived in California Wednesday, and after a lovely evening spent with our friends we drove down to the Monterey pennisula yesterday. I got to see my first sunset on the Pacific ocean and Mike took tons of pictures at the beach.

This little guy sat for umpteen photos and when we were done took himself over to another couple and asked them to take photos too!

Today we're heading back up the coast to take a tour of Alcatraz and meet back up with our friends. They're going to be showing us the "local" side of San Francisco tomorrow and even more sights before we leave.

But, it looks like the sun is coming up outside, so we're off to see what other pictures we can take!

Hope everything's going well for everyone, and we'll post more pictures when we get back!

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