Saturday, May 16, 2009

A pictoral walk through our place

Mike and I took advantage of the explosion of foliage and color last weekend to take some photos as we did our walk through, check on our plants and trees. I thought I'd share the shots!

The first three raised beds for the garden. We took out the pool(way to expensive to upkeep, especially with the lake a mere two miles away) and will fence this in one the remainder of them are built and filled. We have beans, snappeas, beets, radishes, turnips, swiss chard, spinach, mesclun, and lettuces in already. The bed in the foreground will be devoted the tomatoes - we're trying five different varieties this year.

The strawberry tower is coming along wonderfully! These two sides are planted with Tribute strawberries and the opposite two are planted with Ozark Beauties. We have blossoms already coming in, and I think we need to pinch those off to let them get a bit more established.

This is one of the three quinces that were here when we bought our house. We got a couple of fruit off of them last year, but they are jut gorgeous in bloom!

This is one of our raspberry plants. The coloring on the leaves is just breathtaking. We planted 26 starts, and 25 of them are showing new growth. We won't get raspberries this year, but next year...yummm!

This isn't the best shot, but those tiny blossoms are on my currants! My Gramma Jean gave us five rooted cuttings last year, and these babies are just taking off! Can't wait to get some berries this year :)

This is a Black Lace Elderberry. It is extremely ornamental, and Mike planted it below the kitchen windows. It should grow in to create a breathtaking showpiece.

I just love this shot. The foliage of the Peashrub is wonderfully textured, and I love the fact that Mike was able to catch the raindrops clinging to the leaves.

This is one of our two Carpathian Walnut trees. We planted them in the backyard to provide shade, and they're coming on wonderfully.

Isn't this a beautiful shot? this is the Wolf River apple tree(at least, we think that's what it is) that the previous owner planted. Its in full blossom this year, so we might just get some apples!

And this is a cluster of blossoms off of our 4-on-1 apple tree that we planted last year. And is also the reason we might get some apples off the wolf river. It's nice knowing we have a tree that will pollinate that one! We'll have to pinch these off once the blossoming is done - the tree is definitely too young to be letting fruit.

So there you have it. A walkthrough of what we have growing here this year.

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Saara said...

Everything looks great! Spring blossoms and new growth are so uplifting.

P.S. I spray my currants with Bt so I have some leaves left. The sawfly larvae devastate them otherwise.