Thursday, February 5, 2009

Driven to egg-cess

It felt like Christmas in July...or Easter in August or..what month are we in? Surprisingly enough, apparently our young pullets are just as confused, as we are flush with eggs once again! Yesterday saw eleven eggs come from the coop where our 15 hens and pullets have been fairly well cooped up since before the holidays. But, despite bitter cold temperatures and more snow than anyone would ever wish to be subject to, our new batch of pullets are laying!! you can tell, our fridge has been filling up rapidly with eggs! I bet you're, Jen, Mike, just what ARE you going to do with six dozen eggs?

Well, Mike took ten of them the other day, boiled them up and made a huge batch of delicious tuna salad. Of course, that was before I brought 11 eggs in yesterday, so unfortunately that left us with the house, zip, chickens +1.

So, we started digging through cookbooks! The first on the agenda this evening was bread pudding - that did in four eggs!
Of course...once I cracked those four open, this was what I found...two double yolkers!! Otherwise I might have tried to use a full half dozen :)

And then we decided we wanted to try homemade pudding...after a bit of whisking, stirring, tempering of beaten egg yolks and a bit more cooking and stirring - TaDa! Homemade chocolate pudding! There are six of these individual servings hanging out in the fridge to chill, and we're hoping they turn out quite tasty!
I imagine the weekend will see quite a few more recipes full of eggs - omlets, bread, marshmallows, egg salad...and whatever else I can find to use up some eggs! I might just scramble up some eggs for the cats!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That's a lot of eggs! I thought for sure that we wouldn't get many eggs over the winter, but we've been getting about a dozen per week with just 2 hens. Gotta love the old breeds, eh? :)

Jen said...

It sure is a ton of eggs! I'll be digging into more recipes over the weekend, and need to get a posting up on craiglist for them as well...we certainly can't consume 9 eggs a day(the average!)

Wow, a dozen a week from your two? That's awesome!